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CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) software is used to generate Numerical Control (NC) programs for our Mills and Lathes. CAM software allows us to visualise and optimise our NC toolpaths before they cut material on the NC machine. HyperMILL® links seamlessly with Solid Edge (CAD) software, allowing us to use the same information from the concept design stage through to the completed manufactured object, ensuring an exact copy.

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At Camtech engineering we use hyperMILL® from OpenMind as our primary CAM software.

Our CAM and machining capabilities mean we can optimise our approach for our client’s requirements;

• 2.5 Axis programming and machining means we can quickly produce components that incorporate pockets, slots, and holes.
• 3 Axis programming and machining means we can produce complex geometric shapes by allowing the machine head (Z axis) containing the cutter to work simultaneously as the table moves along the X & Y axis.
• 5 Axis programming and machining means we can tilt the head and the table of the machine to produce complex 3D forms in a single setup.

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