Deep Hole Drilling

About our Gold Coast deep hole drilling services

Camtech Engineering has a Buck TBFZ 1600 deep drilling milling centre that allows us to produce holes that are well beyond the depth of a standard twist drill. For example, we can drill holes from Ø4 x 600mm deep up to Ø32 x 830mm deep.

This is made possible by using a Gun Drill with a single effective cutting edge with coolant pumped directly to it allowing rapid removal of material chips.

Because of the horizontal nature of the machine, we can also mill diameters as well as thread mill large taped holes.

We often work with the mining industry and with engineering firms that do not have deep hole drilling capabilities.

The Buck machine specifications are:

  • Type TBFZ 1600
  • Axes 3 + 1 (Rotary table)
  • Drilling depth 1,200mm
  • Traverse X = 1,750mm
  • Y = 1,200mm
  • Z = 1,200mm
  • Milling Head Standard Horizontal
  • Spindle Speed 4,000 RPM
  • Table Size 1,500mm x 1,200mm
  • Table Load 5,000kg
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Although we are based on the Gold Coast, we do deep hole drilling for clients located anywhere in the world.

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