Onsite Consultancy

About our onsite consultancy service

Camtech Engineering provide a wide range of engineering services. Our clients range from small organisations to multinational corporations.

Our aim is to provide the best independent technical advice and solutions. Our team are committed to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions from the simplest to the most complex problems. In our experience we have found that sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of experienced eyes to unlock a solution to a production problem.

  • Leading our onsite consultancy team is one of our company directors, Daniel Lesjak, who has more than 30 years’ practical and hands on engineering experience
  • We are staffed by a dedicated team ready to travel to any state in Australia to advise and/or commission equipment that we can also supply

Because of the quality of technical support we provide, we have a close association with our clients. Many issues can be resolved by optimising their existing machining parameters or providing an engineering solution.

Consultancy case study 1

We had a national client who was in the process of rolling out a new high-density milk bottle. During the trial period of production we discovered that each production site was experiencing different problems with its new bottles.

Some of the problems/solutions were:

  • Lack of quality regular maintenance on the moulding machines
  • Moulding machines needed to be recalibrated to ensure optimal production
  • Adjusting the timing of the moulding cycle to produce the correct bottle
  • Uneven distribution of material requiring the production of shaped head tooling and customised blow pins

Consultancy case study 2

One of our clients was in the process of introducing new moulds to their overseas manufacturing production line. They were experiencing several issues they were unable to resolve.

Upon close examination of the equipment supplied to our team, it was surmised that there was a problem with how a set of inserts were fitted. This was causing an issue further along the production line.

By machining the pockets that the inserts fitted into and introducing new moulds, we were able to quickly resolve all the issues.

For more information about how Camtech can assist you with your engineering needs, call our main office located on the Gold Coast.

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