General Engineering

Our general engineering expertise

If you’ve walked down a supermarket aisle, you’ve almost certainly seen our ‘work’. Many popular bottles and containers for cleaning products, soft drinks, and juice bottles, are just some of the products we engineer and manufacture at our Gold Coast based plant. These items require general engineering expertise along with expertise in the area of PET Moulds, Blow Moulds, and Injection Moulds.

General Engineering is a broad term that refers to different facets of engineering. Our precision and quality for toolmaking put Camtech Engineering in a position where we can help in many different industries.

Some of our general engineering projects have included:

  • Making the surrounds for curved glass shop fronts
  • Machining the moulds used to produce the fibreglass panels for aerial work platforms

Client case study

One of our clients needed a repair on processing equipment they were using at their manufacturing plant. The repair involved replacing damaged teeth on a complex spiral helix gear. Although the manufacturer of their equipment could replace the gear, it would take at least 3 months, resulting in the processing machine being out of commission for the duration. Our solution was to reverse engineer the damaged section of the gear and replace it by machining in new teeth. With this process, we were able to get our client up and running in just 3 weeks.

General Engineering Expert | Gold Coast | Camtech Engineering Pty Ltd

Why you should choose Camtech Engineering for general engineering

Fast turn-around times. Camtech Engineering operates using modern equipment operated by a 2-shfit team of engineering and manufacturing experts.

You’re in expert hands. Whatever challenges or demands you have, we are fully equipped to meet them head-on. Our company is already actively involved in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Gold Coast based, global solutions. Our clients are located here in Australia and abroad, we can work effectively with you no matter where you are.

Extensive research and development programmes. Our highly specialised expertise in mould design and production is a result of our extensive R&D. At Camtech Engineering, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of skills and a proven dedication to quality.

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