Our Expertise

Our precision engineering areas of expertise

If you’re in need of precision engineering, mould design, production, or toolmaking for a short run production or mass production, contact Camtech Engineering.

PET Moulds

Camtech Engineering can produce PET moulds for multistage applications and most single stage applications.

Blow Moulds

We specialise in producing Extrusion Blow moulds, from 80mL to 25 Litres.

Injection Moulds

We have over 30 years’ experience in producing Closure or Cap moulds, PET preform moulds, Stack Moulds, Thin Wall packaging moulds, and overmoulding moulds.

Press Tools

We can manufacture press tools, also known as stamp tools, for you to use in your own manufacturing process.

Engineering Solutions

We are highly experienced in many types of mould design and production techniques used in the manufacturing process.

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining is one of the ways modern machining has sped up the process of tool making. We’ll help you manufacture precise shapes in any size or complexity.

Laser Welding

Because of the low thermal distortion provided by laser welding, it is ideal for repairing existing tools and making new tools. Along with laser welding, we also offer the service of Laser Engraving.

General Engineering

Our modern, well-equipped plant operates 2 shifts Monday to Friday with a highly skilled team that are experts in engineering and manufacturing.

From general engineering to precision engineering, Camtech Engineering can do it!

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