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About our engineering consultancy

At Camtech we continuously strive to improve the products we produce so we can offer our clients the best and most economical solutions. We pride ourselves on ‘thinking outside the box’ to bring new and innovative approaches to existing processes and products.

Many clients have come to us because they have a problem with their processing or manufacturing, or just need to improve their current designs.

Often manufacturers produce items and equipment in a ‘time honoured method’, taking a safe traditional approach to constructing something. This approach does not necessarily take advantage of new machining methodology or produce innovative solutions that best suit their client’s needs. With our innovative approach to engineering challenges, we find a tailored solution that improves efficiency and fits seamlessly into their existing equipment or processes. This typically involves redesigning and manufacturing a single prototype item which is then tested before going into final production. We are able to redesign and manufacture a single item using prototyping, or we can investigate processing issues and propose improvements for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

An engineering consultancy case study

We were approached by a client who was experiencing problems producing rolled steel cans. Upon investigation, we discovered that our client’s bead flanger machine incorporated a traditional and time consuming method of changing roller mandrels.

The problem our client had was that it was taking 2 men, 11 hours to complete a changeover on their 8-head machine any time they wished to produce a different size can.

Our solution to speed up the changeover involved incorporating a twist locking method to their machine which reduced the changeover to just 1 hour and with only 1 operator now required.

For our client, this meant that they were able to have a more flexible and efficient production while still using the same equipment. With production of 7 styles of cans, the client can now produce different can styles in a single shift instead of their old method of having to schedule changes on a weekly basis.

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Although we are based on the Gold Coast, we can provide an engineering consultancy service to national and international clients.

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