Laser Engraving

About our laser engraving services

At Camtech Engineering, one of our Standard Operating Procedures is to ensure that all items we produce are engraved with identification details.

We have a Gravograph Lasertop 2000 TF430 Fibre Laser that we use exclusively in our business.

Laser engraving is a process that generates a laser beam to create a small concentrated point of heat in order to vaporise the surface of the material. This fast process creates a gap in the surface which is noticeable to the eye and touch. Camtech can laser engrave single items through to production runs of thousands.

Laser Engraving Services | Gold Coast | Camtech Engineering Pty Ltd

What materials can be laser engraved?

Laser engraving is ideal for engraving the following materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium (anodised)
  • Carbide
  • Cast Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Titanium

Other materials we can engrave include: ABS, Brass, Carbon, Ceramics, Copper, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyamide (PA), Phenolic, Polymethyl Acrylate (PMA), Polyoxymethylene (POM).

Laser Engraving Services | Gold Coast | Camtech Engineering Pty Ltd

Almost every part manufactured by Camtech is engraved for identification purposes (i.e. toolmaking/manufacturing industry) making it ideal for all types of industries, including:

  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Energy and mining
  • Electrical and electronics
  • Medicine
  • Transport
Laser Engraving Services | Gold Coast | Camtech Engineering Pty Ltd

Our laser engraver has a maximum engraving area of 110mm x 110mm and a maximum object height of 280mm. The maximum object size is 500mm x 200mm – however this is dependent on the where the engraving is to be positioned on the part.

Larger items can be engraved in special circumstances and engravings can be less than 1 millimeter in size (e.g. engraving with very small text height).

Laser engraving is a fast, accurate and affordable method of engraving typically used for the identification of parts in all areas of manufacturing. It is ideal where sharp edges of the engraving are required as CNC milling and other methods of engraving with rotating tools cannot produce this.

Laser engraving is used for engraving moulding areas (engraved in reverse) on injection moulds and blow moulds to produce labelled plastic parts. It can be used for engraving stamping and press tools (engraved in reverse) to produce parts and it is also ideal for ornamental objects such as jewellery, trophies, firearms etc.

Another thing laser welding is well suited to is engraving parts that are too small to be engraved by other methods (e.g. text height less than 1mm).

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