Case Studies

CAD Research and Development Case Study

When developing new projects many clients engage us to research and develop products in collaboration with them.

In 2008, a large client of ours wanted to manufacture an inverted locking mechanism for the Tamper Evident caps of their bottles. This required a new process where the tamper section of the cap was to be slitted after the moulding process making the caps extremely difficult to remove from a bottle.

Whilst a machine was being manufactured to slit and invert the new cap automatically, we were tasked with producing a manual workstation that would allow them to optimise their cap design and slitting profile.

We created a simple to use mechanism that gave them the opportunity to optimise their product, before switching over to full production of the new cap.

A laser engraving case study

A manufacturer of medical products who requires large runs of an intricate plastic part to be engraved (sometimes into the thousands). The text height of the engraving is 0.9mm and must be accurately produced on each part. By using a custom-made jig, 12 parts can be easily loaded for each engraving run.

Camtech’s experience makes it possible to produce an accurate program and setup methodology for the job. The run takes only a few seconds to accurately mark a set of 12 parts.

Laser Welding – New Tooling

We were tasked with creating an Injection Mould for a ‘spiral shot glass’. The glass needed to allow storage of two separate alcohols so when opened and poured, allowed the mixing of the fluids.

Cooling the spiral shaft was very limiting until we revised how we were producing the cooling channels. To accomplish this, we milled a pocket in the head, allowing us to drill from both ends. We then manufactured an insert to fill the pocket and laser welded it in place.

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